Emergency & Contingency Planning for Carers MAY

24 May 2023
Portsmouth Carers Centre, PO4 0AD
Carers Information Session
Text: Emergency & Contingency Planning Workshop for Carers. Delivered by Portsmouth Carers Service. Image: Portsmouth Carers Service logo.

What would happen in an emergency?
Who could step in to support the person you care for. Would they have all the information they need?
Making a plan for what will happen if you are unwell or there is an accident of emergency can help to ease some of the anxieties and worries that can happen when someone at home is relies on you for care and support.

Join us for our information session on Emergency and Contingency Planning – what to include and how to record your plan and where to find helpful resources to help you make a plan for an emergency.

Booking information
If you wish to attend this free event, please book your space via the Eventbrite link below. If you have any issues booking online, please contact Portsmouth Carers Service and we will book a place for you.