Researchers often look for participants to take part in research studies. They seek to understand or improve treatments and services for people caring for or living with certain health conditions or accessing services in a particular area.

We will post any carer related studies that we are made aware of on this page. Alternatively, you can keep an eye on the websites at the bottom of the page for details of their current studies.  

Do you care for someone with a neurological condition?

Image: Elderly man using an iPad with his son

John Spreadbury, from the University Hospital Southampton, is running a research study investigating attitudes to digital health technology amongst people who provide informal care to those with neurological conditions.  He would like to speak to people who provide care or support to somebody with one of the following neurological conditions: multiple sclerosis, headache, epilepsy, motor neurone disease or other neuromuscular disorder, Huntington’s disease, atypical or early onset dementia.

John would like to find out what carers think about digital health technology and how it can be improved to better support patients and carers.  Participants do not have to be currently using digital health technology to take part.

The study will involve taking part in either a telephone or online interview or an online focus group.  Participants can choose whether they prefer to participate in an interview or focus group.

You can find more information about the study by clicking the following link: Neuro-Digital: from attitudes to strategies.

If you are interested you can contact John directly by email: or by telephone on: 07876818404

Suddenly a carer – research study

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Understanding the lived experience of abrupt transition.

We need help from family carers. Sarah a senior nurse currently studying for a PhD, and her research is about family members who suddenly become carers. There is very limited research about carers’ experience of transition. We would like to know more to be able to provide the most effective support. Sarah wants to understand how we can better support people who are faced with this situation. To do this she needs your help.

Who can take part?

  • Do you care for an adult member of your family who without your help would not be able to cope on their own?
  • Does this person have additional physical health needs, rather than mental health needs?
  • Did the person you care for suddenly need your help?
  • Was this the first time that you have started to care for someone in this way?

If yes to all of these questions, Sarah would be really interested in talking to you.

What will it involve?

Sarah wants to understand what it is like to be faced with this situation, and what your experience was of becoming a carer.

To do this she is asking people to participate in a confidential interview using videoconferencing. The interview will last about an hour and can be arranged for a day and time that is convenient for you.

If you are interested in hearing more about this study, please contact Sarah Balchin at:

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