Carer’s Assessments

Pink icon - File with magnifying glass - representing carer's assessments

Carer’s assessments are an opportunity to have a conversation about the impact your caring role has on your life and what support, or services might help you. The assessment will look at what is working well for you, what isn’t working so well and whether you feel willing and able to continue to provide support to the person you care for.

Portsmouth Carers Service offers Carer’s Assessments to anyone over the age of 18 who has a caring role regardless of the type of care you provide.  If you are under the age of 18, please see our Young Carers page.



If you would prefer to fill out the carer’s self-assessment form before speaking to member of staff, you can complete the Carer’s Self-Assessment form online. 

Once we receive it, a member of the team will contact you about having a further conversation about your needs. This can be done face-to-face or over the phone on a day and time of your choice or via e-mail if you prefer.