Taking a Break

Pink icon - Calendar and clock - representing taking a break

Being able to take a break from caring can have a massive impact on your own health and wellbeing. Everyone needs time for themselves, and taking a break is especially important when you are looking after someone else.

A break from your caring role can come in many forms.  You may benefit from accessing one of our carers break sessions, attending a group or being provided with some support so you can plan your own activities to give you some time away from your daily routine.

As part of our carers assessments, we will look at ways you can get a break and any support you may need to take that break. There are different options such as regular sitting service or one-off respite, financial assistance to have a break or attending one of our free carers break sessions.

Taking a break via Facebook and Instagram

Scrolling through our carers break photos or reading wellbeing information – even for 5 minutes whilst enjoying a well-deserved cuppa – can be just enough to keep you going.

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